Linda Fosterr: I Went to the Pool


Linda Fosterr: I Went to the Pool

These days I had gone to the pool since it was a very hot day, I was sweating profusely, my pussy was also like that, I was entering the water when I accidentally unbuttoned my bikini top, oh my God, I said. While many people saw my tits, most of all a man who was on the other side of the pool, he stayed looking at me all day, he didn’t stop doing it, I was very embarrassed that day, in the afternoon when I was going to leave, The man approached me and told me that I had very nice breasts, that he would like to touch them, but I still felt very embarrassed, and I didn’t care, I asked him… do you want to touch them? He said yes with a look. flirtatious, so I grabbed his hand and put it on my chest, that man turned red like me, and his cock became very hard. What would you do in times like this?

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