Linda Bells: Picnic Day


Linda Bells: Picnic Day

A few days ago I was on a picnic with my best friend and his girlfriend. My best friend has always treated me in a very special and beautiful way, he is always attentive to everything that he has to do with me. We are talking about eating delicious things and the time came when his girlfriend had to go home. He went to take her to her house while I waited for him. When he came from leaving his girlfriend at home, he took me to my house and when we arrived we were alone, I invited him in because it was a pretty sunny day. Suddenly he began to tell me strange things like that I was very beautiful and that he had always wanted to tell me that the way he treated me was because he was in love with me, I couldn’t believe it, I was surprised but I had always been in love with him. He just respected our friendship and of course their relationship. After all that we talked about, we ended up making love in my living room. I couldn’t believe what had happened because they were many years of friendship. Have you ever fallen in love with your best friend?

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