Lilah Diaz: Blog by Angel


Lilah Diaz: Blog by Angel

Hi guys, today I’m making this blog of my day, I suppose some of you will be wondering what I do after my live broadcasts and what other things I usually do, but I’ll tell you it’s really not much that I do but I have 3 cats so when I’ not broadcasting, I look for them to give them love and have company, then I take a shower and go to the gym, can you imagine how long I can last in the gym, several hours hahaha like 3, or maybe 2 I don’t know anymore, I try to lose weight and look great for you, then I come home to tidy up and study a little English in applications so well I hope one day to be able to speak it very fluently with you, I love you guys, thanks for making a space of your time for me, kisses ly

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