Daphne Noriega: Who is Daphne?


Daphne Noriega: Who is Daphne?

I am a free girl above all, who enjoys hot coffee, good books and overflowing passion. I love sunny days and speed. I always ride a motorcycle around the city enjoying skies, landscapes and new moments that invite me to dream of a better world, I study arts and letters in my free time and I finish my international business degree on the weekends, I love painting and art, I enjoy museums, exhibitions in the open field, I love to dance that’s why I love to party and share dance floors while the body frees itself from tension and stress.I have been in f4f for a little while but I hope to be an incredible model who can provide company, love and fun without limits, I love listening and being listened to, I love passionate and self-confident gentlemen, I love strong hugs, slow caresses and romantic love I am a girl who enjoys many pleasures and is always willing to explore a few more. It is delicious to live life waiting to be happy. If you want to live an adventure with me, come and play with me! ??? With Love Daphne ?

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