Celeste Sur: Flirting with Juan


Celeste Sur: Flirting with Juan

It was a hot summer when I decided to make a stop at my favorite cafe. I walked in and sat at a table near the window, looking for some shade. As I was browsing the menu, my eyes met those of Juan, the waiter with piercing eyes and a charming smile.Juan approached me with his usual friendliness and asked if I was ready to place my order. Seizing the opportunity, I decided to flirt a little. I smiled and said, "Hi, Juan. I love the ambiance of this place, what would you recommend today?".He, a little surprised by my direct attitude, smiled back and started giving me suggestions. During our conversation, we discovered that we shared similar interests, such as music and travel. The connection was evident.Each time Juan came to my table, our interactions became more fun and playful. Our conversations were filled with laughter and jokes. I was captivated by his personality and his way of making me feel special on every visit.One day, as I was pouring my coffee, I noticed her furtive glances at me, and I decided to take a little courage. I slipped a slip of paper with my phone number on it into the empty cup and said quietly, "In case you want to chat outside the cafe."Surprise flashed across his face, but then he gave me a broad smile. That night, I received a text message from Juan, thanking me for the gesture and expressing his interest in getting to know me better.From that moment on, our meetings at the cafe became even more exciting. Our conversations became more intimate and our gazes were filled with complicity. We went from talking about our lives to dreaming together about travels and adventures.The flirting between us became more evident. Accidental touches became more frequent, and every encounter was filled with tension and anticipation. The magic between us was undeniable.Finally, one day we decided to take it a step further. We arranged to meet outside the cafe, somewhere more intimate. It was then that we discovered that the attraction we felt in the cafe was just the beginning of something special.To this day, our story continues. Juan and I shared romantic moments and adventures together, and it all started with that flirtation in the cafe. That waiter, now my partner, is still responsible for making me feel special every day.

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