Carolina Velezz: My Little Fantasy Dreaming


Carolina Velezz: My Little Fantasy Dreaming

How did it come off the wall? Fucking my last lover, darling. He masturbated me with the head of that shower that you hold in your hand and he opened the curtain. I looked at him and knew what he wanted. He undressed and entered. I stroked his cock and when he begged, I guided it to my pussy. He fucked me from behind, while I continued masturbating with the water jets and holding on to the faucet with one hand to keep my balance. Hard, hard, hard, until I came and pulled so hard that I almost tore him off the wall, and we slipped, and we grabbed the curtain that couldn’t support our weight, and we fell into the bathtub, and we hit the edges. . See this purple on my hip? You had to see his back.

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