Allyson Monroe: Party Saturday


Allyson Monroe: Party Saturday

It was Saturday night, I was organizing as usual to go to a party with my friends. We got to the discotheque, it was full and the music was spectacular. I felt how the rhythm was entering my skin. After a few bottles, I was already a little partying and I began to dance very sensually. Two guys approached me and asked me if they could dance. with me . Of course I told them yes. After dancing all night, we went to the bathroom, we started touching and kissing between the three of us, I felt how the hard cock of one of them brushed against my big ass and I got excited after the other took off my shirt and my breasts were left exposed, one of them sucked my breasts so hard that he made me wet while the other shoved his hard cock into my ass .. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing I was fucking two strangers in the bathroom of the disco .. Have you ever fucked in the disco bathroom?

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